Here is not only the list of your messages. I marked the words and phrases which I consedered to be most interesting or shocking . So, It is another one method to understand HOW I see you through your messages.

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Nickname: Your dear Princess

Subject: Hi from Amsterdam

My mishka!!!
I travelled here to Amsterdam (now is SAT 18:00) all by myself (!) to send you a huge e-mail from the Cyberspace cafe. I miss you. No, you can only write your e-mails in English, so that I prefer faxes in Russian. Please read my e-mail before you send a fax.


Nickname: Christine

Subject: The letter

Happy that you actually got my letter. It was too personal to be lost in the mail...


Subject: Do I love you?
YES, I DO! Right now - more than yesterday


Nickname: Christinochka

Subject: Uit Nederland
Dag, schat!

Ik hou van jou.
Nederland is een zo wat een mooie land!
Tot ziens over een maand.


Nickname: Madame Princesse

Subject: Tired of work?
Of 'bardak' in the office?
Of not seeing somebody far away?
I know how it feels, I'm sharing the feeling.



Subject: Coming back..
to this page over & over again.
Can't let you go, my dear...
Can't leave this page, can't leave this computer.
PS. Do you still have my popochka's print on your screen?


Subject: LOVE...

YOU! You've turned my world upside down!!!
You've taken all of my thoughts, broken into the most sacred of my dreams!! You are living now in the center of me - in my heart !
How can you still be far away? Oh, that stupid distance between us. SHOOT


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Subject: Ura!!!!!

Eschyo raz ura!!!!Tseluyu tebya neuderzhno, if one can say so..Rabotai, lyubimui, rabotai... "Khorosho rabotayesh' - na BAM poshlyu" :) - from a Russian jokeLOVE YOU >>> (more & more) each second

Subject: Hi back

Keep on working hard, lyubimui... Keep on thinking 'in the direction' of Europe once in a while... Keep on imagining my kiss on your lips when I meet you here...Keep on dreaming of more kisses... I love you like crazy. Beware.

Subject: Arrival time? Date

Do I have to know? Or is it all part of a surprise? PLEASE tell me your flight number. I'm afraid to suffer a heart attack you mentioned in a fax. I don't want us not to catch up. Ti slishish', lyubimiy, ya khochu znat' secundu, kogda ya tebya uvizhu.

Subject: Exams' procedure.. not what you might think it is. My HR exam is NOT gonna be at school (HEAO VELP NOORD), but a church!! The Dutch view it as something holy - don't let anybody in or out, walk between the rows, 'stoyat nad dushoi'.. :) So -- Thursday 11:30 till ?? (2 hrs) I'll be somewhere you won't find me. Kisses...

Subject: Ready for one more

I've just had an interview with one of our placement coordinators, Jeroen Duyser. He's really made me think.. I can hear my brains expand right now :)My gosh, I haven't prepared to the exam yet!! Not a single chapter! Got too bogged down into the project + essay, which are not much of a priority.. Silly me.

Subject: KY

Ky-Ky-Ky --> looks like Russian typing, doesn't it?Try to concentrate...Tomorrow's fax, was it?Yes, I'll need to know when you are actually landing on the Dutch ground. O.K.? Promise! Mishka, bozhe moi, kak ya v tebya vlubilas'!!!


Subject: After you...

After I've KNOWN you, no other men are MEN in my eyes.
Love you, mishka moi rodnoi. Tseluyu dolgo-dolgo. I don't wonna ever let you go.

NM: Promise?

Subject: Hey!

Ne grusti. Pokhrusti :)
Ya 'sdala' vse svoi ekzameni. Tol'ko ustnyi gollandskiy ya progulyala. No vsegda mozhno perezdat'. I nichto ne zadevayet moye samolubiye. Tak chto... Budu starat'sya dal'she.
Ochen' starat'sya.

NM: :)

Subject: You know what?

I really want to come to Moscow on Christmas. I want to light up candles and drink champaigne on the New Year's eve. I want to dress up a pretty 'yolochka' together with you, lyubimiy moi...
Ya khochu igrat' s toboi v snezhki, durachit'sya, padat' tebe na ruki, tselovat'sa na moroze...

Subject: Mom

is going through a crisis, so I'll definately be coming to Moscow... If nothing else happens, of course. But this desire is gradually shaping up and already seems a lot more real - I mean, I know how easy it'll be - just pick up flights there and back. No visa. No worries. Happiness.
I want to see you again!!!!! I'm lost without you.


Subject: Last News

1) Rene (the fax downstairs) refused to share the tel. line;
NM: :)
2) ABN-AMRO gave a credit, even though they are not supposed to credit foreigners!
NM: It must be the man at the desk. Definetely :)
3) I've just picked my ID (residence permit)
4) gonna talk to tel. companies + free Internet providers
NM: :) Nothing good is free.
5) love you crazily, to be continued...

Subject: Last news continued

...9) how's your busy work schedule??
10) PRP's web site is a candy!

Subject: The very last news

101) you can consider faxing me :) today, though I'll probably only pick it up Monday, since there are 3 parties planned...
102) hope to finally GET THE INTERNET WORKING!!!! today or Monday. Or Tuesday.
I can't wait any longer.
103) Remember - there's someone thinking of you in Holland.

To be continued. I hope.