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Kakoi milui mishka!!!! Prosto chudo. Slavnui moi...
Christishka <@>Moscow, Russia - Monday, October 13, 1997 at 17:31:13
Here's ~ the initial message you lost...
I love your pictures, lyubimui. I remember sitting on the edge of the window in your room looking at them, the roofs of the old Moscow outside, the warm breeze, and the overwhelming impression. That was the day we first kissed, too. The day I won't ever forget.
Your princess

Christine <you know it>Moscow !!!, Russia - Tuesday, September 30, 1997 at 22:38:53
Every time I visit this page I feel more like at home, really. I don't want to be just a guest. I want to be a part of you, lyubimui.

CHRISTINE YESIPENKO <[email protected]>VELP, HOLLAND - Tuesday, September 30, 1997 at 22:29:45

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